Share the gift of Texas history with this commemorative, customizable Republic of Texas Passport by No. 4 St. James.

Our Inaugural Project: A Small Book for a Big History

There’s little about today’s Texas that doesn’t owe its origins to the events that transpired here between 1821 and 1845. To help Texans and non-Texans alike understand this important period in Texas history, we’ve created a history book like no other: The Republic of Texas Passport. 

This small, softbound booklet is slightly larger than an authentic passport, and feels a lot better to hold. Special Fibermark La Creme paper gives the Passport’s cover the feeling and appearance of extra fine leather. 

You’ll be equally impressed with what’s inside. 

The first few pages replicate the functionality of a contemporary passport, but are stylized as being issued to you on behalf of the former Republic of Texas. The issuance page features customizable fields for your photo and other personal information, which No. 4 St. James will print on your behalf. The professional finish of the issuance page contributes to the sense of authenticity: you’ll feel like a true citizen of the Republic. When you customize your Passport, you’ll be issued a unique issuance number, just as with a real passport. 

The pages that follow the issuance page are likewise replicas of a contemporary passport. Use the nine blank visa “stamp” pages to make notes about your own travel across Texas. 

Beyond the notes pages, you’ll find the most useful part of your Republic of Texas Passport: a 26 page abridged history of the Republic, authored by distinguished professor and Texas historian A. Ray Stephens. This is an easy reading narrative of the period spanning 1821 to 1845. Maps and other illustrations supplement the written history. 

The Republic of Texas Passport is an excellent gift. Corporate purchases are also popular. 

The Republic of Texas Passport can be fully customized, order yours here.



Make an actual passport cover like the outside of this book!

Aug 17, 2014

Fred Sparks:

Have you considered making an actual passport cover exactly like this?

Jun 04, 2014

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