Kerrville, Texas is home to the top restoration specialists for Jeep Grand Wagoneers. Meet the family who loves them, renews them, and ships them around the world.

Even Grander the Second Time Around

It’s been nearly 25 years since the last brand new Jeep Grand Wagoneer rolled off the Chrysler factory floor in Toledo, Ohio. But today, in an unassuming garage in the quiet retirement town of Kerrville, Texas, the old Woody’s roll out again, renewed and ready for a second life.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

The gentlemen behind the operation are Leon Miller, aka The Wagonmaster, and his son Chip. 

As with many great companies, their business of restoring Jeep Grand Wagoneers began with a passion more than a profit motive. For years, Leon ran a successful agribusiness near Eagle Pass, Texas. When it came time to retire, he decided to go right back to work, restoring the cars that had served him so well in the harsh South Texas conditions. Leon loves everything about these Wagoneers, and was determined to keep them on the road, even if Chrysler would not.


After his first year in business, Leon had restored 12 Wagoneers; that was in 1994. In 2014, the twenty year count is approaching 1,700 restorations. They haven't managed this alone: Leon and Chip have a first-class staff of mechanics and restoration specialists who know these cars better than anyone, anywhere.

Their restorations have been shipped all over the world: to architects and athletes, billionaires and soccer moms, and just recently to a royal family near the south of France.

We spent some time photographing Unit No. 1683, a '91 Bright White beauty (shown, top photo) and No. 1646, an '85 Charcoal Grey (below, among the pecan trees).


We’re not the first to remark that it’s as if these Wagoneers have been preserved in a time capsule. No detail is overlooked in the restoration. The paint, the interior, and all the mechanical components are attended to. The Wagonmaster’s policy is to only buy and restore low-mileage, rust-free vehicles, giving them an extra clean foundation to build upon.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Jeep Grand Wagoneer


Wagonmaster Eagle Pass Texas

The year 2014 marks an important milestone in the life of The Wagonmaster: Leon is finally retiring for good, and in September, he’ll pass the keys to the operation over to his son Chip. We don’t expect much to change. With Chip, Leon leaves a legacy of standards that, just like the thousands of Wagoneers he’s restored, will be appreciated on roads everywhere for years to come.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

- N4SJ


Gary Kuehler:

Still 25 years later they are a awesome vehicle and gaining popularity !

Apr 29, 2016

Bobby Anderson:

I so wish that y’all would branch out into repairing vehicles owned by individuals. I would like to have people who know what they’re doing work on mine.

Apr 27, 2016

Ronald Morgan:

I own a 1991 79,653.1 miles silver/burgundy. Great shape. Do you restore owner’s car? Car is not for sale.


May 15, 2014

Jerry Huber. Retired Toledo Jeep Plant manager:

Congratulations Leon on your retirement. Best wishes to Chip for continued success on the Wagonmasters mission to sustain one of the legendary automobiles of the past century. Your efforts toward renewing these unique vehicles continues to be an inspiration to so many Jeepers who have had the wonderful experience of owning or just driving the Grand Wagoneer. Good luck to all of the Kerrville Millers and the Wagonmaster extended family.

May 14, 2014

Chip Miller:
830-660-5187 cell

May 14, 2014


Cordial greetings from Venezuela.
My early years I was traveling into a WILLYS Station Wagon. In 1965 my father bought his first JEEP Wagoneer. Until 2001 I was always one of them.
I am a fan and admirer of that make and model. Always enjoy a lot of work on the Wagonmaster website… Dreaming does not cost anything!
Congratulations for your excellent work and for the deserved recognition you have received.

May 14, 2014

Chip Miller:

Thank you again for your kind words and observations about Wagonmaster. It was a pleasure having you and Caleb over for a visit and we hope you’ll feel free to drop by anytime you’re in the area. We appreciate what you are doing with No.4 St James and wish you all the best!

May 14, 2014

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