It has the body of a tent, but the soul of the Four Seasons: Our six-part series concludes creekside, at the luxurious, serene and safari-inspired Sinya on Lone Man Creek.

Cozy Up, Texas: Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Article by Vincent Friedewald;  Photos by Caleb Kerr

We conclude our six-part Cozy Up, Texas series in Wimberley, at Sinya on Lone Man Creek. Proprietor Lynn Gallimore has created a peaceful hideaway destination unlike any you'll encounter anywhere—unless, perhaps, you visit Africa. That's where Lynn was inspired to import to Texas an actual Kenyan tent, sell everything she owned, and put her resources toward merging the more civilized luxuries of the indoors with the rougher elements of outdoor living.

Notes from our visit follow below, and just beyond those, our original photos of Sinya on Lone Man Creek.

Name: Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Location: Wimberley, Texas

Overview: Single structure, safari-style luxury retreat amid the treetops, made from a safari tent imported from Africa, modified for Central Texas, and fronting 300 feet of beautiful Lone Man Creek.

Appreciate: The contrasts: You can rest on the king-size bed with goose down pillows inside, or on the balcony hammock outside; bathe in the century-old clawfoot tub in, or enjoy a heated shower (or, jacuzzi tub) out; and stay cool via air conditioning while admiring the creek from up high, or by swimming in the creek, itself, below. At Sinya on Lone Man Creek, contrast means harmony, not conflict.

Know: You can provision for the whole weekend at Sinya and never leave, thanks to the suite's kitchenette, fully appointed with a fridge (think peaches, not watermelons), freezer, microwave, and induction cooktop. For breakfast, there's a toaster oven and coffee maker; take your muffins and coffee out to the balcony while you browse the headlines on your iPad, thanks to high speed Wi-Fi. Better yet, leave the iPad at home, and browse some birds, instead.

Notably Cozy: The bathroom, and its outdoor counterpart. There’s just something about a claw foot tub that makes you want to take a bath right now, in the middle of the day, despite the fact that it’s not even bath time. You’ll face this temptation at Sinya. You’ll also face the question: Shall you bathe inside, in the claw foot tub, or step out onto the deck, and soak in the hot tub? The answer of course, is do both. 

Nearby: Six miles from Sinya is the unique Corral Theatre, an outdoor cinema that’s like a drive-in, without the cars. The Corral has been entertaining Wimberleyans since 1948, and is poised to continue for another fifty years following a recent fundraising campaign. It will be closed until Spring 2015 while it updates its equipment from 35mm to digital. Once it reopens, you’ll find classic films on the screen and happy families in the audience. 

Special Comments: There’s a saying that “exclusivity spurs demand.” Well, Sinya on Lone Man Creek is exclusive, and it’s in demand. Availability is scarce for the next 9 months, at least, and remaining open dates go fast. We recommend you book well in advance, and otherwise keep an eye on their Facebook page for last minute cancellations. 

Rates: $285 Sunday-Thursday; $325 Friday-Saturday



From where you park your car, it's a short walk down a rock-lined path to Sinya.

Rock-lined Path to Sinya

The panoramic view from Sinya's veranda is breathtaking. 

Sinya's Veranda

View from Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Enjoy a Beverage While You Enjoy the Texas Hill Country

Hanging from the edge of the canopy are hummingbird feeders. Have a seat, enjoy a cold drink, and watch them play.

Hummingbird Feeders Hang From the Edge of Sinya's Canopy

The tent's interior is decorated perfectly. Rest your head on the massive king-size bed; the picture windows have heavy curtains that can be drawn for privacy.

Inside Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Close Shot of the decor at Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Beautiful Africa-inspired artwork is displayed throughout the room.

Africa-inspired Art Work at Sinya on Lone Man Creek

The Decor at Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Inside Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Inside the Luxurious Tent

Across from the bed is a small living area, outfitted with a couch, candles, and reading materials.

Seating Area Inside Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Wide View of the Sinya's Indoor Seating Area

Decor at Sinya on Lone Man Creek

A small kitchenette allows you to do basic food preparations. Sinya is not a bed and breakfast, so do plan meals accordingly. If you're lucky enough to be staying here, it'd be a shame to venture away for meals, so it's suggested you bring food to allow for a relaxing and errand-free stay.

A Small Kitchenette Inside Sinya

Adjacent to the main room is the most luxurious tent bathroom you'll ever see. Beautiful amenities include a claw foot bathtub surrounded by narrow windows allowing both natural light and privacy.  

Luxurious Bathroom

Inside the Bathroom at Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Closeup of the Bathtub Inside the Luxurious Bathroom

Details Inside the Bathroom at Sinya

From the bathroom you can step out to the deck, where you'll find a hot tub and outdoor shower. The hot tub is made from a steel stock tank, with an outer wood veneer.

The Hot Tub at Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Closeup of the Hot Tub at Sinya

Outdoor Shower at Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Sinya's Outdoor Shower

The lodging is surrounded by beautiful Texas Hill Country scenery. There are a number of outdoor places to sit and take in the beauty around you, including this private sitting area on the banks of Lone Man Creek, a mere 50 yards from the front door.

Seating Area Outside of Sinya on Lone Man Creek

View of Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Be still, and the wildlife will forget that you're there.

Texas Hill Country Wildlife

Texas Hill Country

Nature-inspired art decorates the property in subtle and beautiful ways.

Nature-inspired Art at Sinya on Lone Man Creek

The northern-most view of the sweeping panorama that can be seen from the front porch of Sinya.

Texas Hill Country Views

Outside there is a grill to cook on, a solid stone table, and a lit stone patio with a fire pit perfect for enjoying a Texas Hill Country evening.

Sinya's Stone Patio

 - N4SJ


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