In an exclusive arrangement with the Texas Cotton Gin Museum, No. 4 St. James will begin packing select products in raw Texas cotton. Forget the packing peanuts; we ship your products with history. 

Announcing: Packed in Raw Texas Cotton

In August, we introduced you to the historic Burton Farmers Gin, the oldest working cotton gin in the U.S., and its proud custodian, the Texas Cotton Gin Museum. 

Today, we announce an exclusive extension of our relationship with the Texas Cotton Gin Museum. Beginning this week, select products purchased in the No. 4 St. James online marketplace will be packed in raw Texas cotton, ginned at the historic Burton Farmers Gin.

Copper Mexican Mule Mug in Raw Texas Cotton

Since its inception, No. 4 St. James has sought novel ways to help share Texas with anyone and everyone who seeks her. Enclosing a tangible piece of Texas in each product shipment is the latest mark of this ambition. And cotton is just the beginning: we’re experimenting with other raw Texas materials as unique packing material, to share with you even more of Texas. 

When you order one of our products designated as “packed in raw Texas cotton,” your cotton will be culled from one of the rare commemorative bales of cotton ginned each year at the Burton Farmers gin, and which we personally took delivery of this past July (the bale acquisition is pictured below). 

No. 4 St. James Team Receiving Their Commemorative Bales of Cotton from the Burton Farmers Gin

If you’re interested in helping ensure historic treasures like the Burton Farmers Gin can remain intact for future generations, please consider becoming a sponsor/donor of the Texas Cotton Gin Museum by visiting and selecting “Become a Member.” 

- N4SJ








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