Texans are producing some award-winning rums, some of which have distinctly Texas flavors (pecan!). Here’s our photo inventory of The Rums, Part Two of our Build Your Texas Bar series.

Build Your Texas Bar: The Rums

Our Build Your Texas Bar series continues with a photo inventory of the major Texas-based rums, presented below in random order. Led by the award-winning rum products from Railean Distillery in San Leon, and including one of our personal favorite "Texas" liquors, Pecan Street Rum, the offerings in Texas are growing in both variety and quality. And there are more rums on the horizon, which we'll add to the inventory once released.   

Throughout this series, certain entries include a category called "Distillery Notes by Texas Spirits Geek." Proudly, we've collaborated with Texas spirits expert Andy Creel (aka, the Texas Spirits Geek) to share detailed information he's collected from his personal visits to distilleries across Texas. Clicking on the Distillery Notes entry will take you directly to the Texas Spirits Geek website, where you can read more about the featured brand.

Also note that certain profile entries below include a category “Kindred Spirits.” In this category, we identify spirits brands (rum or otherwise) made by the same distiller/producer.

Important Disclosure: Build Your Texas Bar is a series about patronage, and pride. It’s a guide to help you identify spirit brands that, one way or another, have roots in Texas. Some roots grow deeper than others. Bourbons like Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon, for example, owe nearly all of their production to activities in Texas, from farm to bottle. Other Texas whiskey brands, in contrast, buy their bourbon from Kentucky, and then mature it further here in Texas. The same can be said for many “Texas” vodkas, and of course all tequilas, by definition, are produced in Mexico, never in Texas. We’re including them all in the Build Your Texas Bar series. While their degree of Texas authenticity varies, all of the brands we’ll be highlighting share a common denominator: Texans are behind the effort.

If you're a producer of Texas rum, and we have not included your brand below, or, if you’re a producer and have additions or corrections to this guide, please send us a note to hello@fourstjames.com.

This inventory was last updated November 20, 2014. Texas-based rums not photographed and/or represented as of publication are: 

- Balcones Texas Rum, Waco, Texas
- Witherspoon's Bonfire Cinnamon Infused Rum, Lewisville, Texas

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Railean White Rum
Parent Brand: Railean Distillery 
Hometown: San Leon, Texas
Notable: Small batch; handcrafted in the first rum distillery in the State of Texas
Kindred Spirits: Railean Spiced Rum; Railean Reserve XO; Railean Small Cask; El Perico Silver; El Perico Reposado 
Distillery Notes by TX Spirits Geek
Website: www.railean.com

Pecan Street Rum
Parent Brand: Spirit of Texas Independent Distillery
Hometown: Pflugerville, Texas
Notable: Molasses based rum infused with Texas pecans
Kindred Spirits: Straight Silver Rum
Distillery Notes by TX Spirits Geek
Website: www.spiritoftx.com

White Hat Premium Texas Rum
Parent Brand: South Congress Distillery
Hometown: Manor, Texas
Notable: Small batch; crafted using South Texas sugarcane and natural Texas water
Distillery Notes by TX Spirits Geek

Witherspoon’s River Rum
Parent Brand: Witherspoon Distillery
Hometown: Lewisville, Texas
Kindred Spirits: Witherspoon’s Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey; Witherspoon’s Single Malt Whiskey
Distillery Notes by TX Spirits Geek
Website: www.witherspoondistillery.com

Treaty Oak Platinum Rum
Parent Brand: Graham Barnes Distilling dba Treaty Oak Distilling Co.
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Kindred Spirits: Treaty Oak Barrel Reserve Rum; Starlite Vodka; Red Handed Bourbon; Waterloo Antique Gin; Waterloo Gin; Graham’s Texas Tea
Distillery Notes by TX Spirits Geek
Website: www.treatyoakdistilling.com

Cypress Creek Reserve Vanilla Rum
Parent Brand: D.E.W. Distillation dba Cypress Creek Reserve dba Cypress Creek Reserve
Hometown: Wimberley, Texas
Notable: White rum aged in Tahitian variety gourmet vanilla beans
Kindred Spirits: Cypress Creek Reserve Crystal Rum
Distillery Notes by TX Spirits Geek

Pierre's Texas Rum
Parent Brand: Kiepersol Enterprises
Hometown: Tyler, Texas
Kindred Spirits: Jimmy’s Bourbon; Dirk's Vodka
Website: www.kiepersol.com

Straight Silver Rum
Parent Brand: Spirit of Texas Independent Distillery 
Hometown: Pflugerville, Texas
Kindred Spirits: Pecan Street Rum
Distillery Notes by TX Spirits Geek

Stingray Spiced Rum
Parent Brand: Jem Beverage Co.
Hometown: Carrolton, Texas
Kindred Spirits: Western Son Vodka; Red River Bourbon Whiskey; South House Moonshine; Brazos Gin
Website: www.stingrayspicedrum.com



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