Here are some quality brands to help you make Texas-sized margaritas, Mexican martinis, mojitos, mai tais, and more.

Build Your Texas Bar: The Mixers

Part Seven of our Build Your Texas Bar series features a variety of mixers, several syrups, and one brand of bitters. It’s no surprise that the brands of Texas-made mixers are dominated by margarita mixes. But there are also offerings among this group for making mojitos and mai tais, and between the offerings from Liber & Co. and Mad Dog Bitters, a whole menu’s worth of classic and creative cocktails.

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This inventory was last updated December 19, 2014.

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Bad Dog Bar Craft Fire & Damnation Bitters
Parent Brand: Bad Dog Bar Craft
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Notable: Handmade in small batches; products are by cocktails recipe experts 
Lara Nixon and Bar Congress manager Jason Stevens
Kindred Spirits: Bloody Mary Bitters; Sarsaparilla Dry Bitters

Nectar Girl All Natural Skinny Mojito Mix
Parent Brand: Nectar Girl
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Notable: All natural ingredients, including fresh Mexican key lime and Persian lime juices,
organic agave nectar and real fruit oils; only 69 calories
Kindred Spirits: All Natural Skinny Margarita Mix; All Natural Skinny Margarita Ruby Red Grapefruit Mix

Liber & Co. Texas Grapefruit Shrub
Parent Brand: Liber & Co.
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Notable: Handmade; beyond cocktails, Liber and Co. shrubs and syrups may also
be used in salads, marinades, and desserts
Kindred Spirits: Real Grenadine; Fiery Ginger Syrup; Spiced Tonic Syrup;
Pineapple Gum Syrup; Classic Gum Syrup

Bloody Revolution Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix - Ribeye
Parent Brand: Bloody Revolution
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Notable: Gourmet mixes in usual flavors and made using local spices
Kindred Spirits: Pickle Zing; Smoked Habanero; Wasabi Ginger; Original

Rocks Mai Tai
Parent Brand: Rocks Brands International dba Rocks Premium Cocktails
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Notable: 88% real fruit juice; no artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup
Kindred Spirits: Rocks Tropical Fusion

Republic Spirit Blends Prickly Pear Mixer
Parent Brand: Republic Spirit Blends
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Notable: From the same talented people behind Republic Tequila
Kindred Spirits: Classic Lime Margarita Mix; Jalapeño Lime Mixer; Pineapple Lime Mixer;
tequilas by Republic Tequila


Cedar Door Original Mexican Martini Mix
Parent Brand: Cedar Door Patio Bar & Grill
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Notable: Based on the popular cocktail recipe served at Cedar Door Patio Bar & Grill in Austin

Carter’s Select Original Margarita and Mexican Martini Mix
Parent Brand: Carter’s Select Products
Hometown: Bastrop, texas
Notable: The Carter’s product lineup also includes salsas, relishes, and dips
Kindred Spirits: Pineapple and Jalapeño Margarita and Mexican Martini Mix; Prickly Pear Margarita and Mexican Martini Mix; Original Bloody Mary Mix; Bloody Bull Bloody Mary Mix; Extra Spicy Bloody Mary Mix; Michelada Mix 

Alamo Red Prickly Pear Margarita Mix
Parent Brand: Alamo Red
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Notable: Alamo Red product lineup includes BBQ and chiptole sauces and salsas
Kindred Spirits: Original Bloody Mary Mix; Jalapeño Bloody Mary Mix; Habanero Bloody Mary Mix; Texas Margarita Mix; Ruby Red Margarita Mix; Jalapeño Margarita Mix

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