Only in Texas can you find moonshine made from prickly pear cactus. Here's the final entry in our multi-part series about Texas-based spirits.

Build Your Texas Bar: The Moonshines

The final entry in our Build Your Texas Bar series highlights the Texas-based Moonshines. They’re just different enough from the true whiskey spirits to warrant their own category, so that’s what we’ve given them. 

This is a small group: seven distinct brands, only. Notable among these is another quality offering from Bone Spirits, which continues to produce true farm-to-table products, in this case with their Fitch’s Goat Moonshine. 

Also notable is Crystal Creek Moonshine. In addition to producing creative moonshine infusions like Serrano & Cumber or Coffee & Pecan, Crystal Creek also seeks to help improve water quality for communities in need. Proceeds from each sale benefit the A Glimmer of Hope Foundation to help build water wells in Ethiopia. 

We also really love the Texas-ness of the moonshine offerings from Hill Country Distillers. Few flavors express “Texas” like prickly pear and jalapeño, and Hill Country Distillers makes moonshine out of both.

Once again, entries below that include "Distillery Notes by Texas Spirits Geek" result from our collaboration with Texas spirits expert Andy Creel (aka, the Texas Spirits Geek) to share detailed information he's collected from his personal visits to distilleries across Texas. Clicking on the Distillery Notes entry will take you directly to the Texas Spirits Geek website, where you can read more about the featured brand.

If you're a producer of Texas moonshine, and we have not included your brand below, or, if you’re a producer and have additions or corrections to this guide, please send us a note to

This inventory was last updated January 23, 2015. Not pictured: 

Ranger Creek .36 White: Premium Texas Moonshine, Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling, San Antonio, Texas
Carpenter's Bluff Moonshine, Iron root Republic Distillery, Denison, Texas

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Crystal Creek Moonshine
Parent Brand: Crystal Creek Moonshine
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Notable: Made using Goodflow Honey (Austin) and Texas-sourced corn and Imperial Sugar;
proceeds from each sale benefit A Glimmer of Hope Foundation to help build water wells in Ethiopia
Distillery Notes by TX Spirits Geek

Whitmeyer's Texas Moonshine Whiskey
Parent Brand: Whitmeyer’s Distilling Co.
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Notable: Family and veteran owned business
Kindred Spirits: Space City Vodka; Whitmeyer's Texas Peach Flavored Whiskey; Whitmeyer’s Texas Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Prickly Pear Cactus Moonshine
Parent Brand: Hill Country Distillers
Hometown: Comfort, Texas
Notable: Made from pads harvested from locally sourced prickly pear cactus;
family owned and operated distillery
Kindred Spirits: Jalapeño Moonshine
Distillery Notes by TX Spirits Geek

Fitch's Goat Moonshine
Parent Brand: Bone Spirits
Hometown: Smithville, Texas
Notable: True farm-to-bottle product using locally sourced grains
Kindred Spirits: Moody June American Dry Gin; Smith’s Premium Vodka; Fitch's Goat 100% Corn Whiskey
Distillery Notes by TX Spirits Geek

South House Moonshine - Peach
Parent Brand: Jem Beverage Co. 
Hometown: Carrolton, Texas
Kindred Spirits: Southern Son Vodka; Western Son Texas Vodka; Red River Texas Bourbon Whiskey; South House Moonshine (Original; Apple Pie; Cherry Limeade); Stingray Spiced Rum; Brazos Gin; Texas Shine (Whiskey; Cherry Moonshine; Peach Moonshine; Apple Pie Moonshine) 


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