Cat Spring Yaupon Tea
Cat Spring Yaupon Tea Cat Spring Yaupon Tea Cat Spring Yaupon Tea Cat Spring Yaupon Tea Cat Spring Yaupon Tea Texas Yaupon Tea from Cat Spring - Yaupon Plant Yaupon Tree

Cat Spring Yaupon Tea

Cat Spring, Texas
  • Cat Spring, Texas is a tiny blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town about sixty miles west of Houston. There, in a heritage grove of yaupon trees, Cat Spring Yaupon hand-harvests the leaves for these remarkable teas. 

    This refreshing new brand of all natural Texas-sourced teas is available in these fragrant and satisfying flavors:

    • Pedernales, a clean and refreshing green yaupon tea that you can enjoy it hot or cold brewed; named for the Pedernales river, that flows over and around huge slabs of limestone in Central Texas;

    • Marfa, a dark roast yaupon tea that is naturally sweet and smooth, with a perfect balance, hot or iced, and tastes like a black tea. Named for the iconic West-Texas town of Marfa, where art & creativity converge;

    • Lost Maples, a smooth and mild medium roast yaupon tea, with notes of caramel. Named for Lost Maples, a forest unlike any other in Texas. 

    All three teas are sold as steeping pouches, with 16 bags per box.  

    Yaupon is replete with antioxidants. It’s also the only native caffeinated plant in North America, containing the good kind of caffeine: theobromine gives you energy without the jitters. You’ll find a bit more caffeine in these teas than in most others, but still less than coffee.

    If you’re not familiar with yaupon as a source for tea, you’re not alone. Yaupon has been an overlooked if not altogether forgotten plant. While traded among North American tribes as early as the 11th century, yaupon in more recent generations has been known as a bane to Texas farmers, who struggle to keep their land cleared of the fast spreading tree. 

    Thanks to Cat Spring Yaupon, tea lovers everywhere are now able to experience the benefits of this native, natural Texas treasure. 

    Orders of three Cat Spring Yaupon flavors ship to you directly from Austin, Texas.
  • Cat Spring Yaupon was founded by two sisters who are committed to restoring more than just the reputation of the forgotten yaupon plant. Abianne and JennaDee employ hardworking Texans who in one way or another have experienced extraordinary trauma, poverty, or disability. With steady, dignity-affirming work, Cat Spring Yaupon helps these individuals restore their own lives, and livelihood. You should feel just as good supporting this special company as you will enjoying their delicious teas.