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Come And Take It Flag

Wimberley, TX
  • If you wear defiance like armor, there’s no more suitable decorative centerpiece than the Come and Take It Flag.

    First flown by Texan rebels at the Battle of Gonzales on October 2, 1835, the Come and Take It flag ushered in the first military engagement of the Texas Revolution. 

    The flag bears the iconic, simple silhouette of a cannon and black star, representative of the bronze artillery cannon given by the Mexican army to the first settlers of Gonzales in 1831 to protect themselves from frequent Comanche raids.

    As the relationship between Texas and Mexico deteriorated along the border, Mexico requested the cannon back from Gonzales settlers. Several retrieval attempts failed to loosen the Texan's grasp on the cannon, which had become a symbol of unification to the small rebel community. 

    On the night of the Battle of Gonzales, Texans raised a hand-painted white banner, taunting Mexican troops to forcefully take back the cannon. The Texan rebels kept the cannon after the skirmish, but where it ended up once the Texas Revolution began is unknown and debated by historians. 

    Now, you can keep that rebellious spirit alive in your own home with your very own Come and Take It flag, appliqued on a hefty cotton material. 

    We offer the flag standard with header and grommets, ideal for hoisting the flag with suspension hardware, such as ropes or peg. If you're interested in framing your flag, you can request a flag with hemmed edges, without grommets; please send an inquiry to to learn more about this option.

    You may also select "Texas Proud Flag Bundle" from the dropdown menu above to receive our Essential Cotton Texas Flag and Lorenzo de Zavala Flag together with the Come and Take It Flag. Flags in the Bundle include headers with grommets.

    The Come and Take It Flag is 100% American made. 

  • Dimensions:

    3’ tall x 5’ wide


    The Come and Take It Flag is made of a natural fiber bunting from heavyweight 2x2 ply mercerized cotton.


  • The Come and Take It Flag is best suited for indoor use, to ensure longevity. 

    To clean your flag, wash it in cold water with a gentle detergent like Woolite®.