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Halo del Santo Margarita Salt

Fort Worth, TX

This spicy, salty, citrusy goodness from Fort Worth-based Halo del Santo transforms the most aburrida (boring!) of margaritas into excitante (exciting!) Mexican-style craft cocktails. 

In fact, it’s not enough to call this just “Margarita Salt”, as we’ve titled it: Halo del Santo is really a premium cocktail garnish. Enjoy it on margaritas, yes, but also micheladas, Bloody Marys, palomas, and more. 

Simple, high quality ingredients are used to make Halo del Santo: kosher salt, hot chiles, and citrus. The lime-citrus notes are particularly abundant, distinguishing this garnish from other cocktail salts that rely more on spice than complex flavor. We’ve tasted many margarita salts, and Halo del Santo is our favorite precisely because of its emphasis on combining tart limes with fiery chiles. 

The charming 5 oz. tin is smaller in diameter than the rimming tins offered by other brands, and this is an advantage: the best way to rim a margarita glass is to tap and rotate at an angle, rather than submerging the entire rim perpendicular to the rimming tray. This way the salt appropriately clings only to the outside of the glass, where it belongs. 

Made in Texas, your Halo del Santo tin is good for 177 rims, so a little goes a long way. We ship it to you from our Texas Showroom in Austin, Texas, packed in raw Texas cotton