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Larry's Bag-Of-Smoke

Katy, TX
  • Add some full-bodied flavor of smoke to whatever’s on your grille with this clever yet simple little invention, Larry’s Bag-of-Smoke

    Handmade by Larry himself
    , these cotton muslin bags are filled with 100% natural aged Texas woods. Choose from three flavors (we recommend one of each): Hickory, Mesquite, or Pecan

    Larry’s been making his Bags-of-Smoke and other barbecue accessories for 25 years, all by himself in his quiet garage workshop in Katy, Texas. For such a small product, Larry’s Bag-of-Smoke has found some mighty big customers, from the Governor of Texas to the great country singer and George Strait.

    It’s easy to use. Poke holes in the front and the back of the bag; soak in water for 2 minutes; set in a foil tray; slip in a smoke box or on the grille grate; when it starts to smoke, add whatever you’re cooking. Perfect for meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. 

    With proper use, rumor has it you'll get 5 or more uses out of one bag. 

    This makes for a great gift. It’s authentically Texas; it’s affordable; and it’s from a humble, hardworking man and United States veteran. 

    Orders of three flavors are packed in raw Texas cotton, and ship to you from our home here at No. 4 St. James in Austin, Texas. 
  • Made in Texas.


    4 oz; muslin cotton. The purple print is USDA approved as food-safe.


    Natural aged hickory, mesquite, or pecan wood sourced in Texas. 
  • Instructions on how to use Larry’s Bag-of-Smoke are printed on the bag itself, as well as written in a tag attached to each new bag. 

    Here is a summary of those instructions, with a few of our added notes: 

    1. Poke holes in each side of the bag; we use a metal kabob skewer. 

    2. Soak the bag in water for about 2 minutes. Under the faucet is fine, but if you drop it in a bowl remember it’s full of wood, so it will float. Hold it down or set something on top of it to ensure it soaks nicely. 

    3. Wring out the excess water, but not too vigorously. 

    4. Using aluminum foil, create a simple dish for the bag to sit on. 

    5. Your Bag-of-Smoke will then either go in your barbecue’s smoke box, or otherwise on the grate of your grill, adjacent to where your meat and other foods will heat. Begin heating your barbecue/grille. 

    6. Once the bag begins to smoke, it’s ready to have some company: add your food and cook as usual. 

    7. When you’re done, remove the bag and extinguish the heat by running it under cold water. Allow it to dry out, and you’ll get several more uses out of it for future meals.