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Lorenzo de Zavala Flag

Wimberley, TX
  • Arguably the most beautiful of all the historic Texas flags, this Lorenzo de Zavala Flag is a favorite among Texans for its bold blue background and distinctive five-point T-E-X-A-S star. 

    Lorenzo de Zavala was the first Provisional Vice President of the Republic of Texas, and he’s credited with proposing the design of this flag at the first constitutional convention at Washington on the Brazos. Surprisingly, there’s no written record of de Zavala’s proposal, nor of any flag of this kind being displayed during the time of the Republic. 

    Still, it’s traditional to consider the de Zavala flag as the first flag of the Republic of Texas, and regardless of its true origins, there’s no question of its striking and appealing stature. 

    This 3’ x 5’ flag is Made in America using sturdy cotton with an appliqued star and lettering. Intended for decorative indoor use, the flag includes grommets to aid mounting and suspending. (Note: If you’re interested in a flag without grommets, please send an inquiry about availability to 

    To achieve the greatest display of Texas pride, order your de Zavala flag together with our Essential Cotton Texas Flag and Come and Take It Flag. Select "Texas Proud Flag Bundle" from the drop-down menu above. 

    Your Lorenzo de Zavala Flag ships to you direct from our Texas Showroom in Austin. 

  • Dimensions:

    3’ tall x 5’ wide


    The Lorenzo de Zavala is made of a natural fiber bunting from heavyweight 2x2 ply mercerized cotton.


  • The Lorenzo de Zavala Flag is best suited for indoor use, to ensure longevity. 

    To clean your flag, wash it in cold water with a gentle detergent like Woolite®.