The Swimming Holes of Texas
The Swimming Holes of Texas The Swimming Holes of Texas The Swimming Holes of Texas The Swimming Holes of Texas The Swimming Holes of Texas The Swimming Holes of Texas The Swimming Holes of Texas

The Swimming Holes of Texas

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We’ve been waiting for years for someone to author a guide book about Texas swimming holes, and it’w been well worth the wait. Julie Wernersbach and photographer Carolyn Tracy have exceeded our expectatons with The Swimming Holes of Texas

The title says it all: This is a book about Texas swimming holes. Organized by regions, (North, East, Central, South, West, and Austin and the Surrounding Area), the book is like a travel guide for keeping wet and cool in more than one hundred of the best natural swimming spots across Texas. 

Each entry thoughtfully addresses the essential information you’ll need, incuding hours, entrance, fees, amenities, and pro tips (for extra special information). You’ll also find maps, beautiful photography of what you can expect, and even a handy Introduction that addresses swimming etiquette, conservation tips, and more. 
Your Swimming Holes of Texas book ships to you directly from Austin, Texas. 

More from the Publisher, UT Press: 

"Nothing beats a natural swimming hole for cooling off on a scorching summer day in Texas. Cold, clear spring water, big old shade trees, and a quiet stretch of beach or lawn offer the perfect excuse to pack a cooler and head out with family and friends to the nearest natural oasis. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or an unforgettable summer vacation, let The Swimming Holes of Texas be your guide.

Julie Wernersbach and Carolyn Tracy highlight one hundred natural swimming spots across the entire state. The book is organized by geographic regions, so you can quickly find local places to swim—or plan a trip to a more distant spot you’d like to explore. Each swimming hole is illustrated with an inviting color photo and a description of what it’s like to swim there, as well as the site’s history, ecology, and conservation. The authors include all the pertinent info about admission fees and hours, parking, and on-site amenities such as showers and restrooms. They also offer tips for planning your trips and lists of the swimming holes that are most welcoming to families and pets.

So when the temperature tops 100 and there’s nothing but traffic in sight, take a detour down the backroads and swim, sunbathe, revel, and relax in the swimming holes of Texas."