No. 4 St. James ("Number Four Saint James") is a happy little Texas lifestyle brand based in New Braunfels, Texas. We design and create original products, curate outstanding Texas-inspired products from other brands, write engaging stories about life in Texas, and share beautiful photographs from across the Lone Star State. No. 4 St. James was founded by products entrepreneur and advocate for all-things-Texas, Vincent Friedewald.

As of April 2023, No. 4 St. James is merging with its offshoot brand, Texas Works. See more at

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A Texas lifestyle brand . . . With a London address?

We’re often asked about our name, and just as often we’re happy to explain. From 1836 to 1844, Texas was a proud republic—a country of its own. Like other sovereign nations, the Republic of Texas maintained foreign legations (small embassies) abroad. The Texas Legation in London, England was located at No. 4 Saint James’s Street. Nearly 170 years later, we’ve taken that address for our name. We believe it’s a great symbol of the global reach of Texas, both past and present. We like that the name is surprising yet authentically Texas, and tells a story about an important time in our State’s history.

The Beginning

Traveling the world through the years, we’ve noticed that most everyone knows a little something about Texas. Comparing notes with other Texans revealed the same experience: to introduce yourself as a Texan is to invite comments and questions, to inspire smiles and curiosity.

We decided it was time for Texas to have something it’s never had before: a statesman brand within the global marketplace, to allow broader participation in the Texas experience. We created No. 4 St. James with the mission of sharing the best of Texas with as many people, far and wide, who seek her.

Our Marketplace

One way we share Texas is through our Marketplace. There, you’ll find only the best of Texas products. It’s not a souvenir shop for all things Texas. Instead, our Marketplace is carefully curated to introduce you to well-made products that reflect life in Texas. Many of the products are our own: original creations we dreamed up from our headquarters in Austin. Other products you'll find in our Marketplace are curated from other product brands that we admire and support. The makers, manufacturers, and craftsmen we choose to work with do more than just make the best version of their products; they have to be great representatives of Texas themselves. We support brands led by friendly people who believe in hard work and happy customers, and aren't afraid to do deals the Texas way: with humility, a smile, and a handshake.

Our Stories

We also share Texas through brief articles and photo essays about Texas culture, travel, history, and special events, available in our Stories section. Whether it’s about unique places to stay, talented Texans, or creative cocktails, we try to introduce our readers to aspects of Texas that are always interesting, and hopefully a little bit surprising.

Who We Are

No. 4 St. James results from the efforts of a team of talented Texans from across the State, including some of the best writers, photographers, developers, illustrators, and designers.

Our core team is located at our headquarters in Austin, Texas.