The Tiny Texas Embassy is a mobile retail concept by No. 4 St. James.

As of October 2017, we've left our Rainey Street location. Please come see us at 916 Springdale Rd. while we find a new location for the Embassy. You can schedule a shopping appointment by reaching us at


tiny texas embassy

Inspired by the simplicity and charm of the American tiny house-movement, our Tiny Texas Embassy allows No. 4 St. James to expand our footprint across Texas, and give our customers, followers, and friends a new (and fun!) way of interacting with our brand and experiencing our products.

The name “Tiny Texas Embassy” refers to the roots of our brand, No. 4 St. James, which is named for the London address that was once home to the Texas Legation during the days of the Republic.


The Tiny Texas Embassy is looking for a new home! If you know of a location anywhere in Texas that would be a great host location for the Embassy, please send us a note at