The Sea Dart
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The Sea Dart

Buda, Texas
  • Note: The Sea Dart is not eligible for free shipping. 

    Thoreau once wrote that wherever there’s a channel for water, “there is a road for the canoe.” 

    From Buda, Texas comes this very special canoe—a canoe-kayak hybrid, more accurately—designed to navigate the nearly 100,000 miles of canoe roads in Texas, and countless roads beyond. 

    Introducing the Sea Dart by Escobedo Boat Works, offered for the first time online by No. 4 St. James. 

    Sixteen feet in length and weighing less than 55 pounds, the Sea Dart is perfectly proportioned for touring, fishing, or fitness. It drafts shallow, allowing you access to tidal estuaries and wet arroyos, and tracks straight, keeping you on course in less tranquil currents. It’s also stable: you can stand for fishing or poling.

    The Sea Dart is constructed out of Joubert Okoume marine plywood imported from France. Joubert wood is simply the finest material available in the world for hull construction, certified by Lloyd’s of London as meeting what’s called the British Standard 1088 specifications. In layman’s terms, this means the wood satisfies a series of exacting quality standards intended to assure capable use out on the water. 

    Escobedo Boat Works uses a Vikings-era method of construction to form the Sea Dart’s  hull, called the lapstrake method. Overlapping panels are glued with high-test epoxy, coated with fiberglass, and finished by hand-sanding. The lapstrake construction keeps the Sea Dart lightweight, strong, and free of complicated hardware. It also makes the boat distinctively beautiful. 

    The Sea Dart is available in three color finishes (see photo, above): Oyster, Mist, and Moon Dust. 

    Optional accessories include a wooden paddle tray, a Werner Kalliste Straight Shaft Black Paddle, and a Yeti Cooler with custom Sea Dart graphics. In addition, a special shipping crate that can be used for future transport and storage is also available for purchase, upon request. 

    This is no mere skiff from the sporting goods store. This is a well-earned prize for those whose appreciation for being on the water matches their appreciation for rare beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. Accordingly, the Sea Dart is made to order; construction time is between 1-3 months. The price of a Sea Dart listed is without options.

    To commission your own Sea Dart, please select the How to Order tab above. 


  • To commission construction of your Sea Dart: 

    1. Purchase the Sea Dart via the standard shopping cart checkout process. 

    2. After the order processes, a representative from No. 4 St. James or Escobedo Boat Works will call you to select your color choice and options, so please provide a phone number.

    3. Once your boat is complete, you will be contacted by Escobedo Boat Works to confirm shipping details. 

    5. Your Sea Dart will ship to you straight from the workshop floor in Buda, Texas. 

  • Specifications 
    Overall Length: 15' 9"
    Beam: 2'6"
    Depth (hull to highest deck point): 1'2"

    Weight: ~ 55 pounds