Reuben Wallet
Reuben Wallet Reuben Wallet by Barrett Alley Reuben Wallet Reuben Wallet Shown In Natural, Russet, and Tobacco Inside the Reuben Wallet, Vintage Cloth Vintage Cloth Lining Barrett Alley

Reuben Wallet

Dallas, TX
  • Update, April 2015: Sold Out! As of March 2015, Barrett Alley has retired the Barrett Alley brand. Unfortunately, therefore, we will not be restocking any more Reuben Wallets. 

    From his quiet studio in Dallas, Texas come these 5 gorgeous Reuben Wallets by Barrett Alley, custom made for No. 4 St. James. Three finishes are available: Natural, Russet, and Tobacco. 

    Each wallet is hand cut and sewn by Barrett Alley and his small team of talented craftsmen. No machines are used. Made from the highest quality American vegetable tanned leather, and lined with antique Japanese or German cloth, your Reuben Wallet is uniquely numbered and guaranteed for life.

    If you value products of hours-long labor; if you value smart design and heirloom character; if you value the inherent beauty in simplicity: you’ll find a worthy companion in the Reuben Wallet.

    At a modest 2.5" x 3.5", the Reuben Wallet is minimal, for certain, but no less functional. It shelters as many as 8 credit cards, or a combination of fewer cards and cash. Or, even fewer cards, cash, and a photo of your sweetheart.

    Your Reuben Wallet is packed in raw Texas cotton and ships to you from No. 4 St. James headquarters in Austin, Texas.

    Simplify. Decide what you value most, and carry it with you. The rest you can leave behind.


    (3398) The Reuben Wallet in Tobacco, with Antique Japanese Indigo Katazome Lining
    (3300) The Reuben Wallet in Natural, with Antique German Red, White and Blue Plaid Lining
    (3404) The Reuben Wallet in Russet, with Japanese Indigo Hemp Umakake Lining
    (3399) The Reuben Wallet in Tobacco, with Antique Japanese Indigo and Yellow Plaid Lining
    (3403) The Reuben Wallet in Russet, with Antique Japanese Brown and Indigo Lining

  • Dimensions:

    2.5” x 3.5"


    Cowhide Leather, Tanned in Pennsylvania, USA

    Antique (100+ year old) Cloth Lining

    Linen Thread

    Beeswax Edges
  • The Reuben Wallet holds up to 8 cards, but try not to exceed this. Overstuffing your wallet will stress the material and its seams.

    The Reuben Wallet is preconditioned with neatsfoot oil, a natural product derived from cows. You do not need to add oil or conditioner; instead, allow the natural oils from your hands to condition your wallet naturally. If you need to clean the leather, buff it briskly with your hand or a soft cloth. This will heat the leather, drawing natural oils to the surface.