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gibson steel mailbox with mail gibson steel mailbox dimensions gibson steel mailbox number detail gibson steel mailbox locking top gibson steel mailbox locking top open gibson steel mailbox side view The Gibson Mailbox

The Gibson Mailbox

Austin, TX
  • This handsome Gibson Mailbox is designed and built by the world-class architectural fabrication firm Steel House MFG in Austin, Texas. Led by founder Jonathan Duke, Steel House’s designers, artists, and craftsmen are known around Austin for their custom work for high-end residences, popular public spaces, and prestigious businesses, such as the W Austin Hotel. 

    Styles & Options

    The Gibson Mailbox is available in two styles, distinguished by the markings on the 1/4” steel face plate: Gibson Classic, with timeless “POST” lettering, and Gibson Custom, accommodating up to 5 address characters of your choosing, in one of four available fonts. 

    For each style, you can select either Non-Locking or Keyed Lock option. Locking mailboxes allow for secure mail drops (but not removal) while locked; two key copies are provided. 

    Fabrication & Finish

    The Gibson Mailbox is fabricated using 14 gauge steel, keeping it relatively light but strong. With weathering, the steel will develop a brown patina. You can extend the life of the original finish by applying a clear coat; see the Use and Care tab above for details. 


    Like all Steel House MFG products, the Gibson Mailbox proudly takes its name from an Austin landmark. Gibson Street traverses Central Austin just south of the Colorado River, an area that flourished in development thanks to right of way grants made by James Gibson Swisher (1794-1862). Swisher was a signatory to the Texas Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the Republic of Texas in 1836. He later moved to Austin in 1846 and operated a hotel, tavern, a ferry service, and a farm where the popular South Congress shopping district thrives to this day.


    Because of the weight (35 lbs.) and special packing required for the Gibson Mailbox, we've included discounted flat rate shipping with the price. Because shipping is included, your shipping total at Checkout will show $0. 

    Whether you select Classic or Custom, your Gibson Mailbox is made to order and ships directly to you from Steel House MFG’s 15,000 sq. ft workshop just south of downtown Austin. Shipping is only available within the Continental United States. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for fabrication, although in most cases turnaround times will be faster. 

    Mounting hardware is included. See the Installation tab above for more details. 

    Special Instructions:  Gibson Custom

    If you are ordering a Gibson Custom Mailbox, select whether you want Non-Locking or Keyed Lock in the menu above, then add to your Cart. Once in your Cart, use the Gift Note / Special Instructions box to specify: 

    • Your address (up to five number/letter combinations are allowed); and
    • Your font selection (see photo inset above for styles)

      *Please note that for addresses containing letters, only the letters A-E are available. As always, you can send a note to if you have questions or additional requests for your order. 
  • Your Gibson Mailbox will ship to you with:

    - 2 plastic anchors (for composite siding, drywall, and masonry walls. Not necessary on wood)

    - 2 screws – all applications

    What you will need:

    - A level
    - Measuring tape
    - Phillips screw driver
    - Drill (For your type of wall covering. Hammer drill is required on masonry and stone walls)


    1. Measure the distance between the hardware holes located at the back of your mailbox.
    2. Measure and mark the same distance on your wall. Ensure that the markings are level, so that your mailbox will hang accordingly.
    3. With the appropriate tool for your exterior covering, drill through your two marked holes.
    4. If needed, install the plastic anchors
    5. Install screws. Be sure to leave a ¾” gap from the wall.
    6. Hang your mailbox and tighten the screws to secure it.

  • The Gibson Mailbox’s raw steel will eventually develop a brown patina over time with natural weathering. The rate at which this rusting happens varies with exposure to the elements and climate. 

    You can forestall this process (but not eliminate it altogether) by treating your item with a clear coat product such as a Rustoleum spray product from your local hardware store. Each product will require multiple treatments over time to avoid and delay the natural rust process, though neither will guarantee a 100% rust free surface.