1800s Style Broom - Davis Mountain Broom
1800s Style Broom from Fort Davis, Texas Ron Cox sits down to take a rest at his Fort Davis shop Ron Cox inside his workshop 1800s style broom displayed on a front porch The handle and broomcorn of the 1800s style broom The 1800s style broom being used to sweep Closeup of the 1800s style broom handle

1800's Style Broom

Fort Davis, TX
  • From Fort Davis, Texas comes this remarkable 1800’s Style Broom, handmade by a broom squire who’s become as much of a tourist attraction as the town itself.  

    In his tiny roadside workshop, Ron Cox handcrafts these brooms out of local Texas woods he harvests from nearby ranches, and weaves the American broomcorn on a nineteenth-century Shaker-built loom. 

    Visitors to the popular West Texas town of Marfa make a special trip north just to see Mr. Cox at work in his Fort Davis shop, and walk away with a newly handcrafted broom. 

    You don’t have to make the long trek to West Texas. Brooms from the Davis Mt. Broom Shop are now available here at No. 4 St. James. Of course, we still recommend a trip to West Texas for other leisurely purposes.


This 1800‘s Style Broom features an attractive all-cedar handle harvested and finished by Mr. Cox himself. This is officially called the Kitchen Broom, but we find its hardiness and powerful sweeping effects make it outstanding on porches, garages, and other well-dusted floors. 

    When it’s not in use, we recommend you hang it somewhere it can be seen within your household (a hanging cord is conveniently threaded at the top of the handle). The 1800‘s Style Broom is a conversation piece, eliciting praise from anyone who appreciates products of old fashioned know-how, hard work, and honest West Texas gentlemen like Ron Cox.

  • Ron Cox of Davis Mt. Broom Shop is one of eight talented product makers featured in Texas Works: Products & Portraits of Talent, a book published by No. 4 St. James. Order your own copy today to discover nearly 100 product brands from across the State of Texas.
  • Dimensions

    Each 1800’s Style Broom is made from cedar wood harvested from the ranches surrounding Fort Davis, Texas. Accordingly, the handles lengths vary, making total broom lengths range between approximately 48” - 54”. 

    Weight = Approx. 2.4 lbs.  


    Cedar wood
    Red yarn
  • Use as you would any household broom.

    It's natural for individual pieces of broomcorn to work their way out from time to time.