Pure Pecan Flour
Pure Pecan Flour Pure Pecan Flour Pure Pecan Flour Pure Pecan Flour

Pure Pecan Flour

No. 4 St. James

From The Art of Pecan in Dripping Springs, Texas: Pure Pecan Flour is the extraordinary and wonderfully healthy byproduct of pecan oil production: After the pecans are pressed for oil, they're still still delicious and nutritious—but their fat content has been reduced by 50%, including 60% less saturated fat.

Using a specialized stone burr, The Art of Pecan mills the de-fatted 
pecans into this beautifully aromatic flour. 


- Gluten free and grain free, low carb and non-gmo
- Paleo + Keto friendly
- 50% less fat than flour from ground pecans
- Excellent source of copper and manganese
- Good source of dietary fiber, protein, zinc, folate, and phosphorous
- Perfect for everyday baked goods 

The sources of Pure Pecan Flour are wild crafted American native pecans harvested from the pecan bottoms of Texas. These are the world's original pecans, unsprayed and growing naturally as they have been for thousands of years. Native pecans have more flavor and nutrition than all other varieties of pecans, making Pure Pecan Flour the best tasting and best-for-you pecan flour available. 

Pure Pecan Flour is ideal for baked goods, including brownies, breads, pie crusts, and cookies. It's also great for breaded fish and chicken. 

Bags are resealable, and contain 1lb of flour. They ship direct to you from The Art of Pecan's mill in Dripping Springs, Texas.